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”Genant” (Embarrassing) is a sex and relationship initiatives undertaken by secondary school Humfryskolan in Malmö in cooperation with Malmö City Public Health Unit. Within the project, students produce television and radio aimed at other young people and dealing with all sorts of sex and relationship, everything from STDs to jealousy. The TV show was awarded the 2007 RFSU Award and the programs have been shown on TV Malmo, in Berlin and on the web. In addition, sections on DVD and has been used as teaching materials for other schools. These DVDs can be ordered with the teacher's guide through Humfryskolan. This autumn Genant turned into a radio program broadcast once a week over local radio in Malmö in cooperation with RFSL's radio station MGR. This page allows you to listen to the program and download it as podcast (it’s in swedish).

An exciting school project on relationship and sex!